Building Entry Security

Metal Detectors

Walk Through Metal Detector Single Wall

Patent Pending Single Wall Walk-Through Metal Detector  consists of cutting edge technology with only 2 self-supporting sides and no overhead module. Metal Defender has instead opted to integrate the settings into each leg to be able to adjust them independently of each other, thus providing a degree of control towards sensitivities unheard of. With the ability to adjust them separately you’re able to control the objects you wish to detect to the finest degree where the most sensitive application of the unit can detect metal the size of a quarter. Seeing as there’s no head module you are also able to install the legs at a greater width than that of any other metal detector currently available on the market.

With a max width of 36 inches this far exceeds the ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirements for a width of 32 inches.  This also allows a greater deal of utility that other metal detectors can’t compete with such as the ability to transport objects through the inside tunnel including: Gurneys’ for hospitals, Media equipment for press, mechanical equipment for engineers, extra-wide wheelchairs and so much more do to the adjustable width of the passageway.

Discrete Security Points

X-ray Baggage Checks

Table-top X-ray inspection system

HI-SCAN 5030si

A modular table-top system, the HI-SCAN 5030si is ideal for threat detection in mailrooms, entrance halls, prisons and schools where contact-free inspection of pouches, bags, letters or packages is required.

Providing high-quality image analysis, more than 3,000 HI-SCAN 5030si X-ray inspection systems have been installed worldwide.

The HI-SCAN has a small overall footprint, making it ideal for entrances with limited space. Can be incorporated with a caster module, allowing it to be easily wheeled to wherever personal belongings and other items need to be screened.

Detects weapons as well as explosives

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